15 Year Anniversary in Old Town

At Spoons, we consider ourselves a Northern Colorado staple. Our franchise started as a simple restaurant with a lofty vision. Founder Tom “Chef” Stoner moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, with one goal in mind: to create the best soup restaurant in the world.

In 2003, Tom and his wife Renee accomplished this dream. They opened the first Spoons restaurant in the Northern Hotel in Old Town. Business owners, tourists, and the Fort Collins public loved the soups and salads we served. We quickly became known as the spot for balanced and comforting meals. In fact, the restaurant was such a hit that we expanded to a new location just six months after opening. Our second location at Campus West gave college students a budget-friendly, nutritious meal that they actually wanted to eat.

Since then, Spoons has expanded even further with locations in the Lory Student Center, in Allison Hall, on Harmony Road, and on Link Lane. As a family-owned business, Spoons prioritizes providing families with fast, inexpensive, and healthy food choices.

Adding six locations isn’t the only way we’ve grown. Over the years, our team has listened to your requests. As a result, we now offer vegetarian and gluten-free food choices, our menus change every day, and we serve sandwiches too.

More about food changes!

We’re 15 years in, but some things never change. For example, you can still find our founder Tom chopping parsley in the kitchen and dreaming up new soups. We also still choose to use the freshest, most local ingredients possible. Finally, we’re still committed to improving our trade and to serving our community. Thank you for joining us along the way!

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