Hands holding empty wooden bowl.

Spoons Celebrates Community Appreciation in November

Spoons Fights Hunger and Focuses on Community Buy a Quart, Give a Bowl FORT COLLINS (11/1/19):  Spoons is ramping up community service, and they’re asking for your help. November is a time for giving; for bringing people together around a table full of food from a kitchen filled with laughing people.  But not everyone gets […]

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Soup in Summer

Why I Eat Soup to Stay Cool in Summer

Soup Brings People Together, and We Need More of That (A Soup Story) It’s summer. And hot.  Very hot.  Everything smells like sunscreen and pool water.  There are playground rocks in every crevice of my furniture, and I’m pretty sure my son is made of sand.  My kids, 10 and 6 (their ages, not their […]

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Getting iron while eating a plant-based diet

Eating a plant-based diet is often wonderful for your health. Fruits, vegetables, legumes, and other plants are full of essential nutrients and fiber. However, some nutrients are easier to get from plants than others. Iron, a mineral that is essential to a healthy lifestyle, is readily available in meat, poultry, and seafood. Because of this, […]

E. Coli and Lettuce

Here’s What You Need to Know About Fresh Produce and E. Coli

E. Coli is known for the debilitating sickness it can cause. Unsurprisingly, when the bacteria show up in food, people worry. Although the fear is understandable, there’s also confusion and misinformation surrounding E. Coli. Today, we look at E. Coli, produce, and the precautions you should take to avoid getting sick. What is E. Coli? […]

Spoons Anniversary Menu

15 Year Anniversary in Old Town

At Spoons, we consider ourselves a Northern Colorado staple. Our franchise started as a simple restaurant with a lofty vision. Founder Tom “Chef” Stoner moved to Fort Collins, Colorado, with one goal in mind: to create the best soup restaurant in the world. In 2003, Tom and his wife Renee accomplished this dream. They opened […]


Debunked! 5 Myths about Salads

Salads are a great go-to meal. They’re easy to prepare, and they’re often tasty and nutritious. But, sometimes, salads are misunderstood. Today we evaluate five popular salad myths and learn what’s really true about them. Myth #1:  All lettuce is created equal. Lettuce comes in 5 major types: leaf, romaine, crisphead, butterhead, and stem. Each […]

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Everything You Need to Know About Gluten

You’ve probably heard a lot about gluten. But what is gluten exactly? And why do we hear so much about it? Gluten is a set of proteins that’s found in some grains, such as wheat, barley, and rye. The word gluten is derived from Latin and means “glue” because it helps grain products stay together […]

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Healthy Soup

Four Ways Soup Makes You Healthier and Happier

We sure love soup, don’t we? We’ll gobble down chicken noodle at the first sign of a cold, and we believe that anything with cheese is good for the soul. But what makes soup so nourishing? Why do we keep going back to it? Some soups prevent diseases. Soups with stock and broth bases are […]

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Why We Strive to be the Ritz Carlton of Soup, Sandwiches, and Salads

Every week our owner Tom Stoner and Chef Dave can be found at local farmers markets bagging seasonal local produce to incorporate into their menu items at the 5 Spoons locations in Fort Collins. Tom Stoner has always wanted Spoons to be the “Ritz Carlton” of soups, sandwiches, and salads. And that journey begins in […]

Big Idea: Meet the Man Behind the Soup.

Every morning, Chef Dave arrives at Spoons’ kitchen hours before dawn to begin his daily soup creation starting with just an empty metal pot. Dave loves soup, in fact, some might say he is crazy about soup, including himself. “I have a thing for I make soup all week. I’ll make 250 gallons of soup […]

Gluten Free

You Will Always have Gluten-Free Options at Spoons

Over the last 5 years, there have been increased diagnoses of celiac disease; the number of you, our customers, who are looking for quality gluten-free dining options has increased as a result. We get it. Finding gluten-free items at restaurants is tricky. Many restaurants compromise quality or price when adding gluten-free items to their menu. […]

Colorado Chicken

You Should be Proud of Spoons Chicken…Here’s Why

The best food is simple food: Simple ingredients from a simple and natural source. The best food doesn’t need to be justified or explained because it is simply ethical and high quality. So much of food today is injected with additives and preservatives to make it look and taste better, but our team at Spoons […]