Boxed Lunches

Delivery: 20 person minimum

*48 hours notice required for cater orders
*20% Service charge for Delivery, 10% in-store pick up

The Salad Box $12.50

Spoons Salad, Chips, and an apple or cookie

The Sandwich Box $13.00

Focaccia sandwich, chips, and an apple or cookie

The Wrap Box $13.00

Wrap, Chips, and an apple or cookie

The Meal Box $14.00

Spoons Salad, Focaccia Sandwich, and an apple or cookie


  • Bottled Water
  • Boylan’s Soda
  • Cookie
  • Gluten Free cookie
  • Spoons Famous Focaccia
  • Boulder Chips
  • Apple

Sandwich Options

Chipotle Chicken (DF, S)

Herb roasted chicken, roasted tomatoes, lettuce, chipotle mayo

Spoons Chicken Club

Herb roasted chicken, bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, mayo

Ham & Swiss

Hickory smoked ham, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, dijon mayo

Pesto Goat Cheese (V)

Creamy goat cheese blended with handmade pesto, roasted tomatoes, lettuce

The Hummus (Vegan)

Hummus, roasted tomato, lettuce

Any sandwich can be made gluten free for 1.50 per person

DF = Dairy Free • V = Vegetarian • S = Spicy • GF = Gluten Free

Salad Options

The Spoons Caesar (V)

Romaine, Focaccia croutons, parmesan, Spoons Original Caesar

Farmers Market Salad (GF, V, DF-w/o cheese)

Baby greens & spinach, local veggie blend, grape tomatoes, bleu cheese, Italian vinaigrette

All American Ranch (V, GF-w/o Croutons)

Baby greens, grape tomatoes, white cheddar cheese, focaccia croutons, local veggie blend, house made ranch

Apple Poppy Seed (V, GF, DF)

Baby green & spinach, fresh cut apples, slivered almonds, poppy seed vinaigrette

Add Herb Roasted Chicken to any salad for 2.00

All dressings packaged separately.
DF = Dairy Free • V = Vegetarian • S = Spicy • GF = Gluten Free

Wrap Options

Chicken Caesar

Romaine, herb roasted chicken, parmesan, Caesar dressing

Veggie Wrap (V, DF)

Spinach, hummus, avocado, cucumber, tomato, chickpea medley, red onion, Italian vinaigrette

Buffalo Chicken (S)

Baby greens, herb roasted chicken, local veggie blend, tomato, bleu cheese, buffalo ranch

All dressings packaged separately
DF = Dairy Free • V = Vegetarian • S = Spicy • GF = Gluten Free

Call our Catering number to preorder – (970) 420-3062

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