You Should be Proud of Spoons Chicken…Here’s Why

The best food is simple food: Simple ingredients from a simple and natural source. The best food doesn’t need to be justified or explained because it is simply ethical and high quality. So much [...]

Chad Robbie, Catering Director

Chad has been a Spoons team member since 2012 and plays the important role of catering manager and oversees the catering operations at all Spoons locations. Chad graduated from CSU with a [...]

Fran Waldman, Assistant Manager at the Harmony

Fran has been a Spoons team member since 2013 and is the assistant manager at the Harmony location. Fran has earned her bachelor’s degree from CSU in biological anthropology and currently working [...]

Hannah Wilson, Manager at the Harmony

Hannah as been a Spoons team member since 2012 and is the manager at the Harmony location. Hannah has her associate degree from Front Range Community College and is currently working toward her [...]

Nikki Kolbeck, Assistant General Manager

Nikki has worked at Spoons since May 2010 in many roles, from line worker to store manager, and she has now found her place as assistant general manager. She first started working at Spoons when [...]

Tom “Chef” Stoner, founder

Tom is all about passion. He’s passionate for quality that carried him through a career as executive chef in some of the most extraordinary, five-star resort hotels. For great food; he’s always [...]

Brandon “B.J.” Hocke, General Manager

Brandon has worked with Spoons since November 2003 (when he stepped away for a year to work as a chef at the Greenbriar Resort in White Sulphur Springs, West Virginia). He has worked in every [...]