Imagine a business that works to sustain a “green” environment from the moment you walk in the doors until well after closing the sale. We are constantly and actively seeking ways to continue moving to more sustainable processes.

Sustainability is important to a business because it reduces costs in the long-term and improves the productivity of its employees. It also reduces waste. More importantly, it speaks volumes to you as a consumer, especially those who are as much in love with Northern Colorado as we are.

Fort Collins Beauty Should Be Sustained

Every day we are surrounded by beauty. And, I don’t mean new, clean concrete roads. I’m referring to the cool, crisp air, the fresh, running water and the view from a mountaintop. What we don’t want to smell or see are smog and fumes. We feel strongly about that at Spoons, so we’ve taken up the torch to go green as much as possible for our establishments.

In Fort Collins, we care about the environment. Natural beauty is essential to our very breath. The vibrant colors of Fall shine brightly and the smells of the changing seasons should never be overcast, in our opinion. We want your hiking trails, fishing lakes, and recreational areas to be free of trash and waste that ruins your experience with the outdoors.

This is our way of contributing to the growth of environmentally friendly and eco-conscious business.

What We Are Doing to Sustain the Environment

We have undertaken many adventures and explorations into the “green” side of the restaurant business. So, what are we doing to create a sustainable model for your community?

Well, did you know plastic does not biodegrade? Imagine landfills full of the utensils we use every day at fast food joints or during take-out binges. At Spoons, we want to avoid that, so we’ve switched to “durable” products in our stores for sit-down meals. Dine-in patrons now get “real” utensils and dishes instead of plasticware.

When you leave our store, you’ll also find that our to-go bags are made with water ink and compostable. Spoons has partnerships with The Bottle Box, which is the container for to-go salads, and EcoProducts, which is the container for to-go sandwiches. We are committed to making sure our to-go containers don’t clutter our landfills like the plastic alternative.

But, we’ve even gone as far as investigating paper straws, compostable to-go soup containers, and fountain drink cups. They don’t hold up as well as our current materials, but we are serious about looking for alternative ways to go green in a fast-casual setting. Sadly, the cost of compostable materials weighs in as a huge factor for why it needs to be a slow transition for most restaurants.  Affordability is an absolute necessity now, and we will continue partnering with eco-friendly businesses to find ways to reduce our carbon footprint without sacrificing quality.

How We Take It A Step Further

We are also darn bent on being eco-friendly in our kitchens. Everything is made from scratch with “home-spun” recipes using fresh local ingredients. Our food is not wasteful, nor is it artificial. With Spoons, you get authentic food from authentic people.

And, we care about recycling, both in the doing and the educating. We don’t want our trash ending up in the oceans! That’s how we end our day, by sorting the trash and doing our civic duty. It’s no wonder Spoons is going “green,” you might say. It’s the trend in our space. But, we take it seriously from the moment you step foot into our restaurant to the moment we take the trash out at night.