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FREE Grilled Cheese

*Kids 12 and under get a free grilled cheese sandwich every Saturday

Spoons believes it’s important to teach kids from a young age how to make healthy choices — and that healthy choices can taste delicious, too. Everything on our menu is made with minimal ingredients and harvested locally, so you can be confident anything your kid picks off our menu will be the healthiest version possible.

Got a picky eater? On a budget?

Every Saturday, all kids under 12 get a grilled-cheese sandwich made on fresh-baked bread — for free. Pair it with apple slices, a kids salad or a soup. Let us make it easy to feed your kids quickly, inexpensively and healthily. Psst… Our grilled cheese sandwiches are actually toasted, not grilled with butter, so they’re a lot healthier, but calling them “toasted cheese sandwiches” just lacks that familiar ring. Your kids’ taste buds will never know the difference — but their bodies will.