of our neighbors lack reliable access to enough affordable, nutritious food.

Big Number, Big Response

We believe fresh food and good people make great communities.  To us, that means doing what we can to reduce the suffering of our friends and neighbors.

In collaboration with the Food Bank for Larimer County, we’re sponsoring a community-wide, month-long event to help hunger-relief efforts that support hundreds of families and individuals in need.

For every quart of HOT soup purchased, we’ll donate a heaping bowl of Stone Soup to the Food Bank.

The Legend of Stone Soup

Three hungry travelers come to a village with nothing but an empty pot. The travelers asked several villagers for something to eat, but they don’t receive a crumb. The three decide to fill the pot with water and place a stone in it. When one villager asks what they are doing, a traveler replies that they are making stone soup. The villager decides that he can part with a small amount of his food, and so he adds a little to the pot. Several of the villagers follow, and by the end of the day, a community has come together to create a feast for those in need.

spoons stone soupCommunity culinary creation would be the best way to describe this tasty, seasonally flavored delight.  Along with local farms, we donate the ingredients, prepare in our kitchen, and send it to the Food Bank for distribution.


  1. Buy a few quarts this month!  ($9.75/qt)
  2. Tell. Everyone.
  3. Tell them again; we all forget.

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