Stone Soup

The ancient tale: Spoons’ Stone Soup is based on an old story, a tale of three travelers, a village and a community that all came together to help people in need.

In the story, three hungry men come to a village with nothing but an empty pot. The men asked several villagers for something to eat, but do not receive a crumb. The three decide to fill the pot full of water and place a stone in it.

When one villager asks what they are doing, a traveler replies that they are making stone soup. The villager decides that he can part with a small amount of his food and he adds a little to the pot. Several of the villagers follow, and by the end of the tale, a community has come together to create a feast for those in need.

Stone SoupBy everyone giving just a little, they were able to make a big difference.

What we do: The story of Stone Soup epitomizes what Spoons, Soups, Salads & Sandwiches holds as one of its most important core values: working with the community to help those in need.

For more than five consecutive years, owner Tom Stoner, along with the Spoons crew, has reached out to local farmers and the farmers markets in the area to collect excess produce for our own version of Stone Soup. (One without any actual stones in it.)

Stone SoupAnd the farmers reached right back. Contributions from Miller Farms, Grant Farms, Local Roots Farms and many local backyard growers have helped to create our Stone Soup.

We combine whatever they can donate into a delicious and always-changing soup, which we sell at the farmers market for an inexpensive $8 per quart. All proceeds go to the local food bank. It’s just one more way to make healthy food accessible and easy for everyone in the community, from the people bringing home a quart to share with their family or the people who need a hand-up from the food bank.

In addition, the Stone Soup is a reminder to the community about just how giving and important our local farmers are.