Thursday, May 21, 2020

Today's Soups

Minnesota Chicken Wild Rice (GF)

Country Potato (GF, V)

Green Chili Cheddar w/ 90 Shilling Ale (S, V)

Taco Beef & Pork Chili (S, GF, DF)

Asparagus Wild Mushroom (GF)

Minestrone (GF, V, DF)

Mom's Chicken Vegetable (GF, DF)

Chicken Poblano (S, GF)

This Week's Salads

Hand Tossed Tuscan Salad

Parmesan cheese, garbanzo medley, focaccia croutons, and grape tomatoes with baby greens tossed in creamy Italian vinaigrette.

This Week's Sandwiches