Wednesday, January 15th, 2020

Today's Soups

Potato Cheddar (GF, V)

Mom's Chicken Vegetable (GF, DF)

Lemon Chicken Artichoke (GF, DF)

Tomato Wild Rice (GF, V)

Hellfire Habanero Beef Chili (S, GF, DF)

Lentils and Sausage (GF, DF)

Southwest Vegetable (S, GF, V, DF)

This Week's Salads

Hand Tossed Honey Mustard Salad

Romaine Tossed with Tomatoes, veggie blend, bacon bits, and focaccia croutons tossed in our honey mustard dressing.

This Week's Sandwiches

BBQ Ranch Chicken Club

Spoons herb roasted chicken breast with two slices of bacon, cheddar cheese, and BBQ ranch dressing an hand made focaccia.