Every week our owner Tom Stoner and Chef Dave can be found at local farmers markets bagging seasonal local produce to incorporate into their menu items at the 5 Spoons locations in Fort Collins.

Tom Stoner has always wanted Spoons to be the “Ritz Carlton” of soups, sandwiches, and salads. And that journey begins in the kitchen. Spoons is unique in that everything served is grown and prepared locally. All of the salad dressings, soups, and sandwich meat is seasoned, sliced, and cooked in our own Kitchen.

Understanding our standard of serving fresh ingredients, local farmers often come to Spoons before they take their products to the market, knowing our value of local food on our menu. Chef Dave recently bought 200 lbs. of local butternut squash that will be incorporated into different soups over the next few months– such as Pumpkin Green Chilli, Cajun Pumpkin, and Roasted Garlic Pumpkin Soup.

At Spoons, our focus is on the process to serve you our best. From finding the best ingredients, to creating the best food, and serving it to you at our best price, we have you in mind through the whole process.

Our journey always starts with you, our family, and leads us to finding high-quality ingredients. Short cutting the process of finding wholesome ingredients and creating our own recipes would be easy, but that wouldn’t be best for you. The passion we hold at Spoons is to deliver an incredible variety of soup, sandwiches, and salads in a way that our customers know they can count on every single menu item being sourced responsibly and made carefully.

Each morning Chef Dave enters the kitchen hours before dawn, he works with an empty pot as an artist works with an empty canvas. Adding ingredients, tasting the soup, looking for the jewel hidden in every pot. The goal? To create a jewel and take it from our Chef’s pot to your family’s bowl.

Spoons exists because Fort Collins deserves great food. The community of Fort Collins has given back to us in so many ways and supported our dream of opening a soup restaurant that serves quality, local, and wholesome food. We owe it to you to give you our best, because you haven given your best to us.